Stories | Trays 3 pieces


With the Stories accessories you can add extra functionality to the Stories. One of the shelves has a hole with a brass tray for your small bits and bobs. You can also use the hole for the available glass bowl accessory.  In the glass bowl you can create your own indoor terrarium planter or even hold a goldfish. Add the round corner table accessory to the side of the shelving system to display a plant or other things that need that extra important spot in your space. The three wooden trays accessory with a venetian cane front make it easy to beautifully hide away your otherwise messy stuff.

The trays are in these sizes: 
H: 13 cm x W: 30' x D: 35' 
H: 10 cm x W: 25' x D: 35'
H: 7 cm x W: 25' x D: 35'


Product no. 5621-4
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Solid oak and steel
Designed in Denmark
by Jonas Søndergaard