Eos Evia


The name Eos originates from Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, referencing how the lampshade looks like clouds in the sky and the two new shapes are no different. Evia will be available in white and two different sizes and can be mixed and matched in clusters of different sizes and shapes to create mesmerizing clouds in the ceiling. 

Resembling the shape of nature’s beehive, Evia is a magnetic design piece with an irresistible tactility. The Evia lampshade will be the centre of attention hanging as a chandelier in the living room or hallway.


Product no. 3026
Pendant, floor and table lamp
Ø: 40 cm x H: 39 cm

Max 15 W LED E27 / E26 (not included)
UL Listed
Easily cleaned with hair dryer
Designed in Denmark
by Soren Ravn Christensen