At UMAGE, we care about everyone we influence through our designs. We make multifunctional and timeless designs that lasts, we optimize transportation with flat packed designs, making luxury design accessible to you. The aim is to save the environment so that you can save on living.

This is how we do it:


We acknowledge that selling furniture and lighting can never be 100% sustainable, but we want to make an extra effort for the environment. We have entered a collaboration with the NGO One Tree Planted, so every time one of our designs made from wood piece is sold, we are planting a tree.

Furthermore, we are drafting a partnership with a Danish NGO cleaning the ocean and minimizing plastic pollution, that will be ready in 2020.


We choose quality materials, not only because it looks better, but also to make sure it lasts. The latter is important in a sustainable lifestyle, to ensure a prolonged lifecycle for all the UMAGE designs with care for the environment.

Wood is one of the main components in the design of our furniture as it ages gracefully and lasts for generations, so we don’t have to keep acquiring new products for our homes. Trees and forests remove CO2 from the air as they grow, but if trees are left to die, the amount of co2, the tree has obtained during its lifetime, will be released back into the air. If, however, the tree is cut down while it’s still strong, the co2 will remain in the tree and be kept inside the wood as it is transformed into a chair, table or cabinet.

Polyester is the main textile used for our chairs and cabinet. Polyester is durable and has the longest lifespan if you compare to other fabrics like cotton and wool. Furthermore, it requires less resources to produce polyester than cotton and it’s easier to recycle. One kg of cotton, it is estimated to emit about 40 kg of CO2 when the entire production chain is included, while one kilo of polyester only emits about 5 kg of CO2.

Leather All of the leather from Sorensen leather used for The Reader and A Conversation Piece complies with the regulations in EU, which entail the most rigorousrequirements on the market for both the overall industry and all processes in the production. The DUNES leather collection has furthermore received the Nordic SwanEcolabel. A highly respected certification verifying that it meets their rigorous requirements regarding the environment, use of energy and resources.

LED We use LED technology in our light sources to reduce energy consumption, the environmental impact and to be as energy efficient as possible. LED is extremely energy efficient and the positive effect it has on the environment due to its lower energy consumption is highly measurable.


As the times change, the designs can change accordingly. Two years have passed and suddenly you want leather on your dining-chairs instead of velour, then simply interchange the velour with leather in a few minutes. Same thing with our lounge chairs, cabinets and other responsible designs. This means that you can add new life to the design and your interior without having to buy an entirely new furniture piece, saving the world resources.

The upholstery of The Reader wing chair and A conversation Piece lounge chair is easily replaceable with a click-system making the cushions interchangeable. The fabric of the Time Flies chairs can easily be zipped off and replaced with a new colour or material for either the seat, the backrest or both. The doors of the Treasures and Audacious cabinet, side table and tv bench can be taken off and replaced with a new colour or variant. All our designs can be separated into key elements for recycling and worn parts can be replaced.

The concept of our lighting collection entails that you buy the lampshade and lighting extensions separately to keep the consumption as minimal as possible and ensuring that you don’t end up getting a cord set or lamp base, that they won’t need.


Why have a table lamp or a side-table and not include a USB or wireless charger as well? Why not make room for storage where space is vacant anyway? UMAGE not only answers these questions, but make it happen. One of the key aspects of the furniture and lighting designs at UMAGE is multiple functions and flexibility. Designing with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset as it reduces the number of products you need to buy to get a complete setting for your space.

Most of our lampshades are flexible and can be used as both pendants, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps by using our different standard lighting extensions. Life change over time, as we move, redecorate or add members to the family. The flexibility enhances the use of the lampshades in new settings, matching new needs and ensures that you don’t need to acquire new lamps every time.


If you stop to think how many boxes are shipped and stored around the world each day, you can get a bit dizzy. By designing flat packed furniture and lighting we help optimize worldwide logistics and save a colossal amount of packaging materials. While other companies are sending dozens of trucks containing only a few big packages, we only send one, packed with hundreds and hundreds of compact ones. In fact, the Silvia lamp would have to use the same space as 80 flat packed lamps, if we were to pack it assembled. Furthermore, many of our designs, are made so that smaller parts can easily be changed, either for practical or trend purposes. This flexibility means that instead of transporting or storing a complete armchair for every choice of fabric, we can accommodate multiple solutions and possibilities in just one chair.

As a direct impact we help reduce worldwide CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint, thereby doing our utmost to make our planet a better home for all of us. Since we save storage and transportation costs in the process, we can make Danish design pieces accessible to you. After all, there’s no need for Danish design to cost a fortune, is there?

To minimize the packaging waste, we have devised a new packaging concept repurposing the packaging to be used as beautiful storage boxes afterwards, without any UMAGE branding.

The new packaging concept will be implemented continuously from January 2020, replacing all foam and plastic in our packaging with an eco-friendly honeycomb carton to minimize the plastic waste, when purchasing an UMAGE design.

When your new product is out of the box you can keep the box and reuse it as for storage for your small bits and bobs and place it on the shelf or on the top of your closet - repurposing the packaging for you and the environment.


All our designs can be separated into key elements for recycling and worn parts can be replaced, to extend the life of the designs.

All the polypropylene used in our Carmina, Conia, Lora, Silvia and Alva lampshades are recyclable thermoplastic polymer that can be degraded and melted into new beautiful recyclable objects.

In the sourcing of the feathers used in our Eos feather lampshades we are repurposing a by-product from the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise be burned are instead sanitized, recycled and used to create beautiful lighting, diminishing the environmental impact. None of our goose feathers are derived from live or mistreated geese. UMAGE is required by law and all major retailers around the world, to document the origin and proper handling of all geese and feathers.

UMAGE is the unique Danish word for ‘making an effort’ and we do that at UMAGE every day – for you and for the environment! We’re all responsible for the environment and we need to take action for the sake of the planet. At UMAGE we make that extra effort to be green and sustainable by always exploring new materials, functionality and production methods to create designs with a sustainable lifecycle.